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About my Art Director
Keith Parkinson
I had the great opportunity to work with the famous fantasy artist Keith Parkinson on this project.  In the brief time we worked together Keith was an immensely positive force on our team. He was a constant source of inspiration for this work. For such an amazingly accomplished artist he was a brilliant example of humility, and allowed all of us to be a part of his visions for the project. During his battle with cancer he demonstrated the passion and love of his art and always wanted to be involved as much as possible. He showed true bravery. I will always remember him. His wife Donna Parkinson said it best, - "While battling Leukemia for 16 months, Keith fought every step of the way and never gave up hope, but in the end it was more than his body could handle. He was an inspiration to everyone that knew him and he will be greatly missed. Keith touched so many lives and it is important that we all remember his great spirit and how he loved life." You can visit his website at